Friday, January 20, 2017

no. 113

I was reminded yesterday, by my sweet mother, that all artists find their niche.  After years of gluing, cutting, stitching, layering, I hope I am close to finding mine.
Over the years I have tried it all...I think.  Clay, paper, fabric, felt, embroidery, jewelry, painting...sure there are more I could list, but you get the point.  Ten years later, kids becoming teenagers (needing me a little less), having the time and the desire to be artistic has led me to the elements and tools I love the most. 

When my kids were in elementary school they had an art teacher who constantly put them down.  When they would come home saying that their teacher criticized them for not copying her work perfectly it broke my heart.  I still wonder if she understood the concept of art and how her behavior would impact young children.  Completely took the joy out of expressing themselves artistically.  So, with all my might, I have tried hard to erase the damage she had done and show them how art is personal, can bring so much joy, and not everyone will have the same taste or vision.  This is where I tie in the fact that they enjoy certain video games that I don't (only Mario for me), and that is ok.  Always a go to example.

As I get closer to finding my artistic niche, I find more peace and joy in diving into the creative process.  This time's full steam ahead and there is no looking back.

Note: I am now on Instagram.  You can find me @andreascreativepapertrail .  Also, next week I will be sharing some exciting news with you, yeah!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

no. 112


Tiny living, tiny crafting, tiny everything.

Something that is appealing to me is the tiny house movement.  Not sure if it is the small organized space, the freedom of not being attached to one place, or the lack of a mortgage.  Maybe a mix of all three.  Whatever it is, the thought of living tiny peaks my curiosity.

In Florida standards, we seem to already be living tiny.  We each have a place to sleep, a place to sit and if we all stand in the kitchen we can't open a thing.   There is no need for more space, as that may just require more cleaning and I am not a fan of that.  I would even be happy with getting rid of our master closet and bath, and maybe even the kids closets.  Find that they are just a place where things, like dirty clothes, hide.

This year, while back in Oregon, I truly thought I would see a tiny house rolling down the highway.  Unfortunately, I did not see one.  Still keeping an eye out at all times.

I love the idea of tiny.  Tiny spaces which are filled with things you truly love, need and even want without feeling overwhelmed with having to fill walls and rooms with things that are unnecessary.    It has taken me almost 40 years to realize that the basics are satisfying, enough, simple and make my life just as full.

Although I desire to live in a tiny house one day, I have been told by my hubby that he will require two just for himself.  One filled with his music studio equipment and not quite sure why he would need a second, but maybe that is his way of saying it's not going to happen.  Oh well, just keep dreaming away.

Even though that may not become my reality, I will still watch, plan, and dream about our future tiny home when the boys are off to college.  As long as I could still create and my husband can play music we will be happy anywhere. 

 See you tomorrow to share more from my tiny little creative space.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

no. 111

It is that time of our morning when the kids shuffle down the stairs with their blankets and pillows in tow and our day begins.  It seems like just a couple of hours ago I was begging for them to get in bed and fall asleep.  Not sure what it is, but as they get older the normal nine o'clock, be in bed asleep is long gone.  I am pretty sure we fall asleep first most nights.  This explains why I use an alarm to get up most catch a couple of hours in a quiet house while they are snug, asleep in their beds.

Last night, as I made a complete mess of my work space...again, spent time planning out my fourth piece of embroidered wood.  It was the first time I drew out a pattern, drilled a couple of holes and realized that my plan wouldn't work.  So that piece was put aside and will be used another day.  Grabbed the next piece, a ruler, and started drawing. 
There it is.  The fourth piece to complete the collection.  There are so many more ideas lingering and several pieces of wood waiting to be embroidered.  As I think about my next pattern and color combination I should have plenty of time to untangle the massive ball of embroidery thread that sits upon my desk.  Not sure how that happens, but it is what it is.

Preparing for our first day of archery lessons, moving on after the boys growing disinterest in fencing.  Need to think of a backup if archery doesn't workout.  Not sure I am thrilled about tromping around Florida fields (I have a complete fear of snakes).   Hoping I see nothing slithery today...please, oh please.

See you tomorrow with a brand new project I started on yesterday, if I survive an hour in the countryside.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

no. 110

The buzz of the sewing machine has already begun this morning.  As the school day begins, and the kids sit down to do their morning work, I take my seat across the table and start my creative day.  A little sewing, pausing to answer questions, a little cutting and assembling, pausing to read and discuss Beowulf, and we make it to lunch break.  Of course there are a few bumps along the way, and today was no exception.  Often the case the first day of the week.

Following one day of cleaning and one day with friends, I think my creative block has lifted.  Beginning to assemble my next piece of framed art this morning, little by little. 
This being my second go at little Ms. Owl, I think I have finally found a color combination that makes me super smiley.  Some embroidery touches, a cute bow atop her head, and now onto stitching the fabric. 

Wishing you have very lovely, peaceful, creative, and just all around happy day! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

no. 109

Today is a day to step away from the scissors, sewing machine and all things crafty for me.  Hitting a bit of a creative wall in all the mess from the past three days of cutting, sewing and snipping way threads (they are everywhere). 

So before I dive in, settle myself into a day of cleaning, clearing, and hopefully some organization, I wanted to share these pansy flowers which was the only thing I seemed to create yesterday.  It has been fun using a variety of old die cut shapes to assemble new flowers and critters.  For example, these are made using mostly an old quickutz egg die cut.  Can you see it? 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

no. 108

There were many moments last night when I felt as if I was being buried by my pile of scrap felt.  There I was, cutting, stitching, assembling when I looked up and there were tiny pieces of felt....EVERYWHERE.  I refuse to throw any out, so as you could imagine, my scrap pile is now not so well contained in a box and may be time to upgrade to a small bin of some sort.  Eventually I will part with them if the pieces get too small where they really cannot be used for anything, but until then...they are staying put.

Working on filling the shop this weekend between cleaning the house, watching a new show on Netflix (which is quite entertaining and quirky), and taking a much needed walk with my little pup and the boys.  All in all, a pretty great weekend ahead and even the large stack of dishes in the sink isn't bringing me down.  Although, can someone please tell me why kids choose new glasses each time they have something to drink that by the end of a day the cupboards are empty and glasses are scattered around the house.  We have even gone to color glasses, each of us having our own color, and that has not worked.  Still fine tuning this, but I think our dishwasher was made just to wash cups at this point.
Had fun searching through the bead aisle at the craft store yesterday for the finishing touch on my wood ornaments.  They are all so amazing, but ended with six different the ceramic ones, like this one above.  Came home and went to work making the tassels and finishing each one.  Ready to work on the fourth.  Have the pencil marks on the wood and ready to be drilled.  Sawdust to add to my work space....nice.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you back soon, as usual :)

Friday, January 13, 2017

no. 107

Hello, hello and happy Friday!

I am ready for the weekend.  Are you?

There isn't a clear plan on how this weekend will be spent, but I know I will be hovering over the craft table as often as possible.  Ready to fill my shop with new goodies, complete the fourth pattern on the next piece of wood, and just play in my little space.

So much to share next week.  Can't wait!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.