Monday, November 28, 2011

tied in knots...

There is something about this month that is keeping my tummy tied in knots. From the list of to-dos for the holiday season to the company and lists of places to see...I can't seem to catch my breath. My escape...getting a few cuddles from my little men and those much loved artistic moments. But today...they are at school and I am finding myself staring off into space and just feeling a little dizzy. Put on my running shoes for the second day now, feeling a little sore from yesterday though, in hopes that this may take my mind off of it all. Over the past few years I have juggled with the waves of uncertainty and just being plain overwhelmed. Luckily it only takes a glance over at my hubby, watching my little men being silly or just sitting back and taking a deep breath to get my head back in the "game". So as I wrap up my Etsy shop for a few days, try to focus on one thing at a time...little by little it will all come together and I will get through this...I hope :) So before I take a few down days, just a few projects... The ornament below can be found here for Glue Arts today. We just put out our blue reindeer the day before and had to include this little guy in my ornament photo. About two years ago my mother-in-law sent one per week to us via the postal service. Loved this idea and it is a joy putting them out each year.This card is posted on Gel-A-Tins blog here. Found these wooden snowflakes at the craft store the other day and just called out for some paint and I did. Think it jazzes up this card...
This week Epiphany Crafts is featuring projects using their scallop punch. Oh boy did I have fun with this one. The supply list and more fun projects can be found here.Oh...(deep breath)...I don't mean to let it all hang out, but sometimes this serves as such a place. You are all so great and it is this little world that always makes me smile.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

be merry...

Happy Saturday! Before heading out to spend the day with my little men, I wanted to stop in to share a project created for Glue Arts this week using DCWV. For complete step by step instructions, photos and supply list head over to the Glue Arts blog here. If you are still getting your shopping on hope you are finding good deals. If you are looking for some down time in your craft room...hope you are getting inspired by the approaching holiday and this chilly time of year.This final card was designed by my seven year old, as he has been my little helper lately and teaching him the ins and outs of card layouts...
Until next time...


Friday, November 25, 2011

quiet at home...

Home today, a change from previous years...but, enjoying the quiet down time. Our decorations are up, the tree is all sparkly and shining bright and just enjoyed a little plate of leftovers from our feast yesterday. Loving today and so thankful for two more days of hangin' at home with my little men. Have a full house, full Etsy shop and full list of to-dos around the house that are just gonna have to wait until Monday. Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here next week!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

little lady...

Celebrating Pink Persimmon's new stamp collection release this past week! Absolutely adore the vintage images. This card features society lady and perfumery. Also used sentiments from ric rac stamp set. I have included two additional projects created last month using Pink Persimmon stamps...Wishing you a very wonderful holiday weekend and yummy Thanksgiving! My hubby is attempting to cut our menu in half since there is only a few of us that will eat it, but I say you've gotta have your staples. Better get back to preparing my shopping list and have a lot of crafting in the works to list on Friday! Can't wait.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

let's get to it...

Only two more days to prepare for turkey day. I am attempting a pie this year...from the crust up. Usually I purchase a pie crust, but after watch Martha Stewart...I think I can do this. Purchased a pie dish and pastry cutter this year at some point intending to make this happen, but we will really see if I am fully committing tomorrow evening when I go for it. I have a few projects to share today and a shop update. First, my Etsy shop will be full by on Friday morning. No Black Friday shopping here this year. Find that all the waiting is a little too difficult for I am staying in an getting things ready for visitors, crafting and decorating. But, before we get to that...Today, over on the Gel-A-Tins blog, my project (pictured above) is posted. Using Coffee Break and Love Knots stamp sets to create this pocket of mini cards.
I have seen button flowers on many occasions on Etsy and wanted to create my own version...of course using felt and flowers in some manner. Used a wooden spool, wire and layers of buttons, felt, paper and Epiphany Craft products to create these. For a complete project supply list and additional photos head on over to the Epiphany Crafts blog today.Love the muted background of this card with the bright embellishments. Created this card last week an fell in love with the color combination. Amazing what you can do with scallop dies.Edited to add: Entered into today's blog hop with Papertrey Ink! Have a little stock pile now of my polymer clay candy canes and finding ways to incorporate them in my projects for the next few weeks. Love the few moments I am able to play with clay, but when my little men find me rolling away in the kitchen the Mario Bros. figure requests begin. Well, it is time to get some energy brewin' to get me cleaning this house and hopefully have bunches of time to create a little today. One last project before I go...


Friday, November 18, 2011

the snowman...

I have been making this little snow man for two years now, usually as an ornament. As the Christmas season approaches I pick up a few new packages of polymer clay and begin to create my little snowman. This year I happened to pick up an empty snow globe as well and think the two items were meant to come together. This is not filled with water, but Flower Soft, perfect for in making this a pretty mess free project. Topped it off with a little silk ribbon, felt holly leaves and felt/fabric tag.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. Mine will begin in just a few minutes when the kids coming running out those school doors ready for a week off.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

felt so pretty...

Ahhh....oh boy, what a day. My little men are home today feeling a little under the with a temperature and one with a sore throat. You would never guess it though as they are playing as usual. I am asking them to sit quietly for two minutes and my youngest bug just cannot do it. Well, while they are attempting to keep still I wanted to pop in to share my Paper Fashions Etc. project for this week. I love the garden and friendship sentiment collections they have created. So beautiful and perfect for any occasion.First I created a card featuring a sentiment from the friendship collection and garden bingo card. Added felt accents, a little lace and always some soft satin ribbon. I then embellished a round tin using fabric, paper, lace, felt and vintage buttons. Used the bingo card, teeny tiny, and stitched on a garden sentiment to create a flag tag for the top. Added a little more felt and ribbon to the top.Finally, created these felt hair clips to place inside...


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a whole bunch...

It's already Wednesday, Thanksgiving is next week, black Friday is kicking off soon and the kiddies are out of school for an entire week...oh boy. So excited to spend a few days with my little men, but they seem to be catching the sick bug which may alter our plans. So I am working fast trying to complete a few projects and clean my craft room before they take over. The list of needs before family arrives continues to grow, but working our way through it one item at a time. Before the weekend arrives though I am having a bunch of crafting fun here and a few projects to share today. First off...
Pink Persimmon is introducing a new stamp line that is inspired by Lisa Pace's collection of vintage memorabilia. Lisa is an amazing scrapbooking and mixed-media artist and the author of two books "Delight in the Details" and the upcoming "Delight in the Seasons", both great technique books for paper crafters. Lisa has dreamed of putting these images into stamp sets to share with her crafting friends and found a great partnership with Darcy & Judi at Pink Persimmon. The new stamp collection will be released at on Saturday, Nov. 19th. You can meet Lisa and hear more about her inspiration behind the collection at an online chat hosted by A Cherry On Top at 4pm Eastern on Nov. 19th.
This gift card set was created for Glue Arts this week using
Imaginisce. A complete list of supplies, step by step instructions and photos go to the Glue Arts blog here. Also this week, my project for Gel-A-Tins which can be found here. Off to list a few new items and have a bit of crafting fun today. This is our shorter school day so I have one less hour to play. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

a fairy tale ending, or is it...

Oh how I love the moments when an idea comes, I sit down and make something as I have imagined and we all live happily ever after. It's kind of like a fairy tale ending most days, with the exception of yesterday and today. My little men are in bed at the moment...ok, they are chattering away still but we can imagine they are fast asleep by now. I am in my craft room (slash) computer room (slash) the messiest room in the house. The wheels they are a turnin' and I am not moving a muscle. I want to create, but each attempt is just a little off. Something is just not calling out to me as it usually does. Too much going on up there...or nothing at all...either way not so helpful. Anyway, thought I would share one project that turned out as imagined a couple of weeks back using Pink Persimmon stamps...
Time to separate my thoughts, make a list...maybe too organized for me, or maybe just take a little break for a day or two and play catch up. Oh that sounds difficult, especially when my men are away all day and leave me home with my beautiful papers and crafting tools. Well, printed out a few templates to create some holiday gift boxes and maybe sitting down, watching a movie and cutting some paper may do me some good.


Friday, November 11, 2011

carried through...

While crafting these days I enjoy pulling out stamps which I feature on all my projects for that day. Today was no exception as I rediscovered a lace border stamp set from My Mind's Eye...I usually pick two sentiment set and one frame or border set. It is a fun way to challenge yourself, bring back to life stamps that may have been tucked away too long and while you have them out and inked why not create a few projects all at once.
Something about my crafting today...bright, bold and pretty in pink. Here is a picture of some new felt flowers I created for my shop today as well...I recently began watching a new creative challenge show...Project Accessory (if anyone is a fan of these shows)...need something to do when I am crafting in the evening. Never being an accessory wearer myself I find it difficult to relate; however, another amazing display of talent. I often can't believe the critic they receive after getting such a short time to create and in the environment they are in. Let's bring it to our creative may be like saying you are given ten minutes to create a card using toothpicks, real grass and color go. Can't imagine. Sometimes it takes me an hour to create one card. Try to find the right color, embellishments and stamps. Oh boy...looks exhausting, but I guess that is why it makes for great television. At the end of it all the winner probably walks away knowing they could handle any challenge. Ok, enough reality television talk. Have a colorful day...weekend...and challenge yourself with something creative today!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

holiday bundle...

Something sweet is in the air today and here to share it with you...well, first things! Ok...yesterday I mentioned the Christmas season is approaching way too quickly, and I am sticking to that...except for the fact that I love this peppermint image from Paper Fashions Etc. I guess it boils down to the fact that I am really not prepared to commit to gift buying and trying to figure out what activities to do with our families when they take their 3,000 mile flight to visit us. This time of year has us on pins and needles for the past several years, and this year is no exception. Don't feel like I can sit back and enjoy until January 1st rolls around. But...somehow it all comes together, we survive and come out ok on the other end. So although I am trying my hardest to slow down time...I am still embracing the holiday crafting I can't seem to hold back from.
What I truly love about digital images is that you can make them into what you imagine. When looking at this peppermint I imagined this gift box...maybe slightly different, but as you go along you find what works and what doesn't and it's like me at least. While I was creating this last night I was watching one of my new favorite shows, Work of Art. I am a fan of all things creative and this show amazes me. Yes...some of the art work is a little different, but to see the process of creativity and how each person pours their heart into their art work is amazing. I feel fortunate that although I never created when I was growing up that I eventually found my outlet, something that helped express me. It is fairly common that I go to bed each night with a vision of something in my head...which is why I took a notebook from my kids playroom to keep near just in case. I know I don't have original many talented people in this wonderful world, but I love allowing my mind to wander and come up with something I have never done. Here's to loving the art you create!


Note: I am working on several new flower designs that will appear in my Etsy shop tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

paper plus felt equal...

Oh yes, the colors of fall are fully accounted for today in this project for Glue Arts. For complete step by step photos, instructions and supply list head on over and take a look. Always a chance to win something amazing there as well and a new idea each and every day! As I posted a few posts ago, fall goes by so quickly and this year I really wanted to take the time to enjoy it before we hopped right into family visits, gift buying and all the ups and downs of the Christmas season. Just when I started really embracing the season our town has staked the holiday trees for sale signs, put up the tents and moving in for business. Is this all happening too quickly...maybe it is just me? I am not ready yet and maybe I just avoid those areas for a couple of weeks until I am...although if you ask my little men they would say "bring on Christmas". Andrea

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the season for tuts...

This is the season for gift giving. Whether it is big or small, you are creating it yourself or heading off to the mall...the list is being made and ready to get to work. We have begun making our list and the ideas are coming in. Love anything and everything handmade...and if you are looking to try something new, you might as well get started earlier just in case :) So this year tutorials are my best friend. So much inspiration and so many techniques I have yet to master. Today over on the Whimsie Doodles blog I am sharing a pattern tutorial with you...

Also, my first project for Gel-A-Tins is posted here today...
Enjoy your Tuesday!


Monday, November 7, 2011

a happy heart....

(photo credit here)

Over four years of being apart of the Etsy world I have come to know many wonderful people. One of my dearest online pals is Kate. She is a thoughtful and talented person with a heart of gold and so grateful to have met her along the way.Thank you for all you have done to make my days a little brighter! Also, thank you so much to everyone how participated in the Handmade Hop this weekend. Can't wait to see how the lucky winners are!


Friday, November 4, 2011

handmade hop...

Welcome to the Holiday Handmade Blog Hop. Are you ready for some handmade inspiration, chance to win some fabulous prizes and getting in the spirit of the season?

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To sweeten to Hop, Glue Arts is offering a gift for you! For every comment you leave on our GlueArts blog as well as our GlueArts Designer blogs in the Hop, you wi’ll be entered to win a prize pack from GlueArts!!We're giving away our MUST HAVE Embellishment Kit which is filled with all of our favorite products!

Along with our Glue Glider PRO Handle and our new PRO+ Cartridge! It's new glideability and option to flip the cartridge to change from a pull to push is like nothing you've tried before!! And a definite....PLUS+!



Thursday, November 3, 2011

enjoy the season...

It is fall...even here in Florida today. Crisp leaves are scattered about...acorns, which are a favorite collectible for my little men, are left alone on our little trees outside...and now with the fall candle burning in our kitchen...I want to continue to live in the moment of this season before winter is upon us. I don't think I stop and enjoy this season as often as I should. Seems like we jump so quickly from Halloween to Christmas. Well, today I take a moment to share with you a fall card that celebrates all things fall!
As I have shown before, Paper Fashions Etc. has an amazing fall collection fall is in the air. Here I used two leaves which were cut out and sewn onto a wreath shaped cardstock circle I quickly die cut. Of course had to add a little glitter and scrunch it up a bit. Found this wrinkle ribbon, button and resin flower among my craft supplies that seem to fit perfectly. So sit back today, enjoy the season and let it inspire your crafting.


Note: I will be posting in my Etsy shop beginning tomorrow again as I am finally getting caught up :)