Saturday, December 31, 2011

turning the page...

Can't tell what this year will bring, what obstacles will challenge us, who may come in or out of our lives, but I can say for sure that my family will come first and that makes my heart happy.Just created this for fun today. Little fabric treat bags with iron on canvas hearts, each stuffed with yummy fudge mint cookies. Vintage inspired tags layered with burlap, felt, Maya Road flowers, and Epiphany Craft circle punches and bubble caps. Created beaded stick pins and vintage tags to complete the look. Perfect little treat for the ones you love...especially for Valentine's Day!

Happy New Year!


P.S. All smiles today as I have heard some great news that I am now a member of Pink Paislee's 2012 Design Team! Yeah...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

fabric friend...

After two days of building Legos, Knex and everything else under the sun we have made it...just keeping our fingers crossed that they aren't broken within the next few days. Hoping your holiday weekend was filled with many memorable moments. Now that the dust has settled the cleaning must begin. Every holiday decoration has made its way to the kitchen counters and into the boxes until next year. Between clearing the decor and "just because" crafting is taking place on the dining room table...Received a gift card to one of my favorite craft stores over the weekend and quickly made my way to it yesterday...and happy I did. Sales, sales everywhere and my basket was filled in less than 15 minutes. Found these amazing adhesive fabric flowers from K&Company, mini paper clips, die cuts and much more. Paired the mini paper clips from Tim Holtz up with Epiphany Crafts heart punch. Just the right size...Created a few tags, used a little vintage fabric from Frost it Pink and rediscovered my stapler...
Just started my first full sheet for my Project Life binder and had so much fun. Will have to share a little once I get in the swing of things. My final project today is a quick and easy card set created for Gel-A-Tins today...Finally...the winner of the album...LISA! Send me an email when you get a moment and I will send this off to you. Thank you everyone who participated. There will be another giveaway this week so make sure to check back!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

to my surprise...

An almost Merry Christmas to you all! I know...this isn't a holiday project; however, my Christmas present has already come as I am now apart of the Momenta Design Team! Spending a little time last night creating a project to celebrate the occasion and wanted to pop in and share before we headed out to spend the day with our family.These actually started out as tags and turned into cards at the last minute. Love the blue paper as the background to bring out the creams and pinks in the tags.Used sentiment stickers, sticker borders the first photo...a sticker badge (which I love so much). Added a few stamped and glittered butterflies using My Mind's Eye...which may now be considered a vintage stamp in the scrapbooking world since I purchased it so long ago. Still love this little lady and she has come in handy more than most.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway on the post below for the October Afternoon and Glue Arts mini album. Have a very Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

oh holiday...

Edited to add: I found this bell at the Dollar Tree in a package of six. Who knew.

The countdown chain is so tiny today. My little men are counting down and beginning to draw out their plan of attack. There has been some gift shaking, fierce cookie eating and little sleep.
Created this mini album for Glue Arts, which is posted today, and October Afternoon. Love, love, love this collection and couldn't seem to use enough of you may be able to tell.Used everything from the buttons to the trims...paper to the stickers...which made for a wonderful scrapping day.So in the spirit of the season I would love to send this to one of you. All you have to do is leave a comment here on this post by Christmas at midnight and I will pick one winner at random. Also, just a reminder that terriavidreader is the winner of my previous giveaway and would love to send it off if you could contact me at Now off to enjoy the next few days with my boys and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

stockings are hung...

The last decorating before Christmas...the stockings have been hung. The kids are pacing the floors waiting for the next four days to pass by as quickly as possible. Going to bed late, waking up early, eating stacks of freshly baked cookies and many moments of sugar highs and lows. The last Christmas cards are headed out to the post office today. It is almost here and I couldn't be more excited to see my little men Christmas morning after Santa visits. Love this year as they are so into making each moment memorable and truly getting into the spirit of the season. This card was created for Gel-A-Tins today. A few last minute cards needing to be made today. Before we head out to face the crowds in the stores for some last minute shopping with my in-laws...the winner of the magazine and banner is terriavidreader! Send me an email when you can to and it will be on its way. I will have two more giveaways before the end of this week so keep checking back.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

just hanging around giveaway...

Christmas spirit is here. An evening of seeing lights, songs and gift wrapping...soaking it all up. Wanted to have another giveaway this week and here we go...
Just received back one of the projects published in Simply Handmade: Sewing and would love to send it to one of you. Will send both the magazine and fabric banner to one winner, which will be selected at random on Monday at midnight. Just leave a comment below to enter for your chance. Also, Susan T. you were the winner for the little owl ornament and would love to send him on his way.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

deerie me...

Counting down...just one more "pajama" day at school and my little men are all mine. Two weeks of mommy and me time. Popping in quickly to announce the winner of the first giveaway...Susan T! Send me an email at so I can send it your way. My next giveaway will be posted hopefully tomorrow, depending on if the sun works with me here. So for now, a little card created using my favorite Glue Arts and new Lawn Fawn stamps.
Have a fabulous Friday!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

press play...

one child down.
one little man's broken heart.
one cup of coffee in hand.
one messy house.
one mother.
one grandmother.
one stressed hubby...

All adds up and quickly too. Family visiting from out of town for the next week and preparing the best I can. My oldest is home with a sneaky cold as I had to break the news to my littlest man that I couldn't volunteer at his school for craft day today. Reminded him that his Granna will be here shortly with lots of kisses, hugs and probably a little something special just for him tucked away in her luggage. Guess what...he moved on and perked up. After cleaning yesterday I began to pull out some papers and items to create a mini album. This doesn't happen often as it can overwhelm me...all of those blank pages staring back at me saying "dress me up", but I was excited. However, after a night of watching my oldest break a board in karate (boy was he scared) and playing a few rounds of what I now know of Angry Birds, the supplies are still sitting in the same place on the table. Kind of nice to just let life happen.I am still working on the next giveaway and will have a winner of the owl ornament by tomorrow. This card was another one created for the teacher gift. Love this mix of trims here, the little bit of frayed fabric peeking out behind the paper and the cute wire flower from Maya Road that I got here.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

no sleeping please...

Spent the evening, into the wee hours of the morning, wide awake. My mind on overdrive and me trying to tell it to slow down.

Remember to...

clean the house.
make sure karate uniform is clean.
send out last minute gifts.
holiday party items.
NO SUGAR tomorrow for anyone...treats on lock down. (not working, already had two mini should they count?)
plan out how to start my Project Life scrapbook. (ok, not necessary but still fun)
plan meals for when family visits.
RUN at some point...not just away from cleaning the bathrooms.
take the time to wear anything but sweats this week.
decide if this is the year that my hubby and I finally exchange gifts. (we find it strange, which is kind of strange I guess)

I am sure there were more topics going through my head. Had about two glasses of milk, read, watched television and at some point laid down with my eyes forced shut for an hour...I know since I kept peeking at the clock. Finally, 3:15 am rolled around and it was time to get serious. Kept thinking I would hear my oldest thumping down the stairs before 7 am...which did happen.

Two weeks ago I was determined to take at least two months off of my Etsy shop. Time to reflect, actually take a few photos of family time and not just my projects, get serious about this workout thing, cook more than one meal in a week and the list goes on (my life usually doesn't consist of lists...really not that organized). Think it must have all hit me at once last night...oh no, what am I going to do with this time. After creating the teacher gifts I realized I was done, pretty much anyway. It all hit me at once and that is when I put on a movie, pulled up to a box of cookies and ducked away a few times to do some impulsive online shopping. Thank goodness I survived last night :)

Now onto the craftiness that is my blog... This card was created for Gel-A-Tins today, a little up-do from what is posted on the blog. Just playing around with my new button/badge maker and having a good ol' time. Very simple card but with "bold" embellishments. Remember I am picking a winner this evening at midnight (hopefully I am sleeping at that time) for the owl ornament/tag below. Don't forget to enter if you haven't already.



Monday, December 12, 2011


Oh what a day of cookie back and feet are still aching, but the show must go on. Made about five different types of cookies/candy and the kids joined in at the very end of frost all of the sugar cookies...sure they ate a few along the way. We are probably all still on a little bit of a sugar high. Time to shake it off and get to work as the week will go by quickly...I am just sure of that. Getting ready for my little men to have a holiday celebration at school, teacher gifts, out of town guests, karate belt testing, football game and party...I am sure I am missing something. So having said that...I am attempting to create card sets for the teachers. Three sets in all and think I can do it. Here to share one of those cards today, although each set will include three cards and fancy packaging...of course...
Love this peach vintage lace my mother sent me awhile back. I have a bunch and need to use it more often. Probably used every type of material in this from paper and felt to ribbon and burlap. Why not, right? Don't forget to enter my giveaway below if you haven't already. Will have another giveaway on Wednesday. Hope you are having a great Monday.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

finding him a home...

Oh what a happy winter it has been so far...although in Florida you would never know it as it is still warm. I am on the verge of wearing something other than flip year round shoe preference...and trading them in for my sneakers. Not quite there yet. As we count down to Christmas, stock the tree with gifts and begin our baking...cookie day tomorrow in my house...I am getting in the spirit of giving and would love to find "him" a new home. Created this ornament/tag the other day after receiving a couple of Lawn Fawn stamp sets and sorting through my little containers. This container comes from Maya Road...think it may have contained buttons at one time. Liked the snowglobe with Flower Soft as the snow so carried it on into this project. A little of this and that and he is sittin' comfortably in a little winter tree.

To enter to win just leave a comment on this post and I will pick a winner at random on Tuesday. May be a perfect addition to a tree or gift.

Trying to plan out our cookie baking day tomorrow. Let's see if I can Martha Stewart through the day and come out looking like a pro. Down a mixer...went crazy and broke during last years cookie extravaganza.


Friday, December 9, 2011

an empty room...

My parents have departed and it will be several months before we see them again. Felt as if our time spent together was short this time, but look forward to planning our visit for next year. Just thankful that we are able to see each other as often as we do being so far apart. I know my little men enjoy the visits.Now that the house is quiet, a few more orders to complete for the year and as I mentioned new supplies to be can probably guess how I might be spending the next few days before our next visitors arrive. My hubby, making if very clear today that it is time to clean up and prepare...kind of heard, wait until the day before and relax until then? I think I like my interpretation. Spending Sunday making a bunch of Christmas cookies with our closest friends and we will see if we get past the first batch (kind of broke my mixer last year and have yet to replace it...all arm muscle here). I have received mixed tins of homemade cookies from our friends and families in the past and would love to give this year. So I am going to keep crafting, keep sharing and come back tomorrow for a little giveaway. I have "him" already to send to a good home...Will share the rest of this tomorrow, but until then...hope you are enjoying your Friday. Not to scare you, but only two more weeks until the big day. I am sure we are all rushing around watching our lists grow and shrink with each passing day.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

twinkle, twinkle...

For everyone who celebrates a birthday this month...including my sister who is on the other side of the country. She always seems to have so much fun and hope one day I will be around to join in. Can't believe she is sharing the thirties with me now. At least she is taking it well. Spent the last couple of weeks with my parents, winding down my Etsy shop for a while and picking up a few new crafting items just for me. Thinking it is time to really make a choice to love the world of art for me a little more. Never do I create a card for my family or friends. Create a handmade gift for someone special. Sit and scrap a few pictures of my growing boys. So as we celebrate December birthdays, the holiday season and the end of is time to take a few moments to create away for the ones I love.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my favorite day...

What is my favorite day this month...Christmas Eve, definitely. Growing up my sister and I couldn't wait until the sun would set, quickly ate dinner and sat next to the tree to open just one gift. It was just enough to get us from night to morning when the big man arrived. Woke up around three in the sister was on top of this...and into my parents bedroom to share the news after we had ripped through all of the presents. No matter what we found in those packages it was all about the excitement. Now as a parent it is so fun to now have experienced the other side of this day. Love seeing the excitement of my little men and sharing our traditions with them as the years pass by. Just need to remember each year to show them how important it is to give even if you don't receive. This card set was created using Epiphany Crafts and Crate Paper...a perfect match! Head on over to EC here to get a full supply list and additional photos. Planning on a little giveaway this weekend so make sure to stop back in to enter!


Monday, December 5, 2011

a new day and blog...

Changing things up a bit here and hope you like it. After living in our home for five years now I can't seem to rearrange things anymore, I am takin' it to the blog. Have a few free moments today and tomorrow and needed a little time to myself hiding out in my craft room...not crafting. Time is ticking by so quickly this month and think it is probably best that I attach a calendar to myself to keep me calm. We are counting down the days until the kids are on break, but cramming in those last minute assignments, reading, programs and sports activities in between family visits. the end of each day the lists are hidden, the schedules are scrapped and enjoying each moment I have with my family. Last night we finally whipped together our gingerbread tree, a annual holiday tradition here, and finally snapped a few photos of my boys laughing, decorating and eating a few pieces along the way...leaving a trail of green icing throughout the house. Before I put on my running shoes and head out to the gym (I am trying to enjoy this, but not there yet)...a card created yesterday just because...Andrea

Sunday, December 4, 2011

time well spent...

Strolling through some shops, sitting down to a family meal and taking in some holiday activities this week with my parents. Time well spent. Hope you all are having a wonderful season so far. Can't believe that it is already the first week in December...really, where has the time gone? Have a beautiful Sunday!